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EDGE Contact List

ADMINFRED Nielsenzamtwo@aol.com516-445-7907
SCHEDULERDaryl Dworkinedgescheduler@gmail.com516--426-5956
18U II (2006-05)
18U II CoachEd Healeyedmundhealey@yahoo.com516-993-7069
18U II CoachMike Carrozzomcarrozzo3264@gmail.com516-676-5554
18U II ManagerNg2169877@gmail.com516-216-9877For Booking Games
16U II (2007-2008)
16U II CoachEd Shinickbiged16@optonline.net516-315-2893
16U II CoachRich PeckMrJrpeck@aol.com516-384-4652
16U II ManagerDawn Vieiradawnvieira@verizon.net516-319-6391For Booking Games
16U III (2008)
16U III CoachMike Kavanaughmpkavanagh2@gmail.com516-297-3682
16U III CoachBen KramerKramer260@gmail.com516-521-0657
16U III CoachScott Ashkenazyscottashkenazy@gmail.com516-203-2079
16U III ManagerWill SylviaWill.sylvia@yahoo.com646-456-1116For Booking Games
14U III (2010)
14U III CoachSean 913-9644
14U III CoachRobert WestonROBERT.A.WESTON@GMAIL.COM617-817-2115
14U III CoachJon Rowerowejonny@gmail.com917-991-7054
14U III ManagerWill SylviaWill.sylvia@yahoo.com646-456-1116For Booking Games
12U II (2011-2012)
12U II CoachBryan Giancarlogianbry6@gmail.com516-610-8137
12U II CoachDavid Giancarlodavgiancarlo@aol.com917-326-0932
12U II ManagerDan Kimdanielandrewkim@gmail.com917-327-2288For Booking Games
10U II (2012-2013)
10u II CoachJim Hefelfingerjwh@sackman.com516-456-1755
10u II CoachKevin Prestiakvetpres@hotmail.com917-583-4067
10u II CoachRyan Troddenryan.trodden44@gmail.com631-672-8804
10U II ManagerRob Bedfordrfbedford@gmail.com516-698-1348For Booking Games
10U III (2013)
10U III CoachMike Enrightm34enright@gmail.com516-316-0667
10U III CoachDan Gelbdgnyc3@hotmail.com917-816-3917
10U III CoachDana SeimsDSEIMS81@GMAIL.COM516-385-7125
10U III ManagerJoanna Austinjvaustin5@gmail.com917-701-3562For Booking Games
8U Mite
Coach - WhiteKris Nielsengrillsen24@gmail.com516-884-2002
Manager White 2015-16Keri
Manager White 2015-16Melina Hefelfingermhefelfinger@gmail.com917-596-1880
Coach -White-BlackDominic Cangemidomhockey28@gmail.com516-589-0840
Coach BlackSean Maguireseanmaguire32@gmail.com732-620-1550
Manager Black 2015Meredith Dicoccomeredith.dicocco@gmail.comFor Booking Games

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