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Warm up and Tryout Registration  !

Tryout Overview

We are back to normal tryouts – althouh tryouts for 8U, 10U, and 12U are earlier than ever.  With covid behind us, we can concentrate on providing a full season without though of interruption.

We expect a full slate of teams  from 8U (2015 and 16 birth years) all the way up to 18U (2006 and 2007 birth years).   There to be  two teams at each USA Hockey playing level (except 18U)… a Major team (typically the older, more experienced players) and Minor team (typically the younger, somewhat less experienced players).  We are likely to have just one 18U team playing at the Tier II level,  although there is a possibility of a second “Split-Season” team forming.

Coaches may elect to notify notify players of their selection at any time during the tryout process.  Players will be required to commit to the team by completing and signing  the NY State Player Commitment form within 24 hours of selection. .  All rules regarding player movement will be followed, including those of the LIAHL. Click here for player movement rules.  You must fill out forms and send them 10 days in advance of any tryout elsewhere.

Below is an overview of teams, potential openings, and links to registration.  Other more general information is at  https://liedge.org/liedge-basic-information/ . If you have any questions, please email office@liedge.org or text 516-445-7907.

8U - 10U - 12U (Mite - Squirt - Peewee)

Tryout - Registration

We want players eager to learn how to play who are willing to work hard

8U (Mite)

2015-16 birth years

Mite Hockey provides a great chance for players to focus on skill development, playing with other similarly motivated players.

Mite Black Team – We expect our core group of 2015 birth year players to return to the Edge to continue their hockey growth.  The team will will play another season of  ”cross-ice” games per USA Hockey protocols.  This will be our 8U II (Mite Black) team.   There will be a several openings for this team

Mite White Team -Our  second 8U team (Mite White) will be filled with new travel players,  of mixed 2016 and 2015 birth year players. 12-14 players will be selected to play on this team, including 1-2 goalies.

10U Hockey continues with the emphasis on team play and skill development.  After years of “cross-ice” players are now playing with all hockey rules in place, including off-side and icing.  Penalties are enforced, score is kept and teams change on the fly.  At the EDGE we concentrate on being fair to all players, sharing the opportunities and responsibilities of being a member of a team.  Although competition is important, development of all players is more important to us.

10U Major – 2013  We will  have several openings for players looking to join the team.  2014 players with exceptional skills may be considered, ho

10U Minor – 2014  Our mites practiced hard all last year and are all are eager to get on the ice for real games.  We have several openings to fill  with enthusiastic, dedicated players. Developing 2013 players will find this a good place to improve skills.

10U (Squirt)

2013-14 birth years

12U (Peewee)

2011-12 birth years

12U Major – 2011 – Our 2011 team expects to have a quality tryout after completing a very successful season. As a Major team with aspirations of playing in the 2022 post season, we will roster those players who exhibit characteristics that will promote the success of the team. THis will be a fair tryout with the most qualified players being selected.  We have openings for goalies as well as position players.

12U Minor – 2012 – We have a core of returning players, but , many spots will be made available for qualified players.   Players must demonstrate that they are ready to put in the time and effort to help the team continue to succeed. Players will begin to learn that they must “earn” their ice time.   

For more info contact Bob Bedford  at rfbedford@gmail.com

14U - 16U - 18U (Bantam - Midget Minor - Midget Major)

Warm up and Tryout Info and Registration

14U (Bantam)

2009-10 birth years

14U II Major –  We have elected not to field a 14U Major team this season.

14U III Minor – 2009/10 – .. We are looking for “solid” players to add to our roster.  . Several openings will be available as we look to upgrade the roster by raising the level of commitment and preparation for full checking at the 14U level. 2009 players still raising their game will be considered for the team as we have seen many players accellerate their progress at they develop physically

16U II Major – 2007-08 This is a State Tournament bound team with a history of high level play and success. WE expect to add several qualified players to the roster to provide depth throughout the season. The best players available will be selected.

16U III Minor – 2007 – We are looking for players who are willing to work hard to raise their level of play. We have a number of open positions to fill7-8 

16U (Midget Minor)

2007-08 birth years

Take a look at all dates

Scroll up for info and registration forms

18U (Midget Major)

birth years

18U II (Midget Major) – 2006/07- We are looking for the best available players –period. This is a State Tournament bound team. WE would like once again participate in the State Tournament at the conclusion of the season. 

WE are also interested in forming a second 18U Split Season team…More once warmups have started…

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