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Another great year !

Finally we had a season free from the pandemic and basically free from snow and bad weather as well .  With the end of the season imminent, we can happily say that things worked out well, almost perfectly.   We now look toward the 2024-25  season  and the fun and enjoyment of play and competition. 

"When an organization focuses on players having fun and developing into confident men and women, that goes a long way with having families staying loyal."

The EDGE is a hockey family building relationships that are likely to remain intact for many, many years.  Some original (from the ’80’s)  EDGE players are  now here with their children …another generation ! .  We know they will have fun, enhance their hockey skills, and develop good character  just as their dads did..

While  we look to keep our “family” together, we also have room for new families. New players are added and readily accepted as teammates.  Competition ramps up as players get older and each player becomes more responsible for how they practice and play.  The performance of our “older” teams validates the path we take as EDGE teams frequently finish at or near the top of the LIAHL stand

Some Basic Information

First... Congratulations to the EDGE teams on their performance this season...

EDGE teams have done well on the ice this season, as their hard work has paid off.  Besides competing well inTournaments and league play …

 Three teams played in the EJEPL Playoffs, and our 18U team won the EJEPL Diamond Playoffs Championship .  

Three teams also played in the  LIAHL playoffs, with the EDGE winning Championship games at 14U III and 18U II>  Congratulations !!

 We focus on developing skills and letting ALL the kids play and have a good time, especially at the younger levels  .  Our players enjoy the camaraderie of teammates and fun of playing a sport they love.  

For 2024-25 we will continue to prioritise skill development, emphasize teamwork, develop player confidence, and create positive self-images for our players.  We will do it while families have fun because the kids –especially the young ones — get to play.


A little history

The EDGE started in 1986 as a new group with just two teams and about 30 players. We now have about 175 players on 11 travel teams collectively playing over 500 games a season.

As we have grown, the goals for our organization have remained the same. We enjoy great success on the ice, but we also know that winning is not all-consuming. There are other values that define our view of how successful a season may be – especially at the entry and younger levels.  As players age, they must assume responsibility for their preparation and performance and face the reality of competitive tryouts.

We approach tryouts each year, hoping to balance the stability from the returning families — many of whom have been here for years — with the opportunity to include new skaters (whether from our house league or outside organizations). We expect all players to show a level of involvement and commitment to training, practicing, and playing that matches the commitment they receive from the organization and their teammates.

The EDGE coaches oten look for personal traits that may factor in player selection along with playing skills.   These  include team oyalty, self-improvement, personal dedication, and self-control. 

About the Season

Practice Locations and Schedule

U Practices: Practice ice is at Port Washington and Iceworks ONLY.  Games for 12U, 14u, 16u, and 18U  are played at Iceworks, Ice Hutch and Aviator.  Games for  Mites and 10U  Squirts are at Port Washington. Teams will generally have two practice sessions each week. Eric Nates and his staff will provide additional power skating and shooting training sessions for our Mite through Bantam Minor teams. Goalies will have special  bi-weekly sessions scheduled as well.  Practice schedules will be finalized in Early August, but based on what we have done over past seasons here’s what you can expect .  Young teams start practice at about 5 PM with older teams following later in the evening.  The latest practices are for our 18U teams starting at 9:30 or 9:45 PM.  All tentative days and times are subject to change based on coaches’ availability.  Off Ice training at the Annex will be held before on ice practice  once weekly and includes use of RapidShot, RapidHands and training by certified physical trainers.  We expect to also have specialized physical activity for GOALIES at the Annex as well.

Tentative Practice days

  • 8u :  Wednesday and Friday.  Nates Power skating every other Thursday – may be in addition to or in place of a practice day
  • 10U  Tuesday and Thursday Nates Power skating every other Thursday – may be in place of a practice day.  Some Fridays may also be scheduled.
  • 12U Wednesday and Friday Nates Power skating every other Thursday – may be in addition to or in place of a practice day
  • 14U III Tuesday and Thursday  – Tentative
  • 14U II  Monday and Wednesday – Tentative
  • 16U II  Monday and Wed or Thurs  – Tentative
  • 16U II  Tues and Wed or Thurs  – Tentative
  • 18U II Monday and Thursday  – Tentative
  • Friday slots at Iceworks will rotate among older teams.
  • Please remember that these days are subject to change based on coaches “real-life” work schedules, possible high school conflicts, and ice availability ‘. 

EDGE Coaches

The listings below are our likely  2024-25 coaches.  We also expect to add some new coaches to our teams as we approach the start of tryouts..  Remember -change is always a possibility as families may move, jobs may change..  
  • 8U II/III Kris Nielsen Dana Seims and TBA
  • 10U III Sean Mcguire
  • 10U II  Mike Enright, Dan Gelb
  • 12U III  Ryan Trodden , 
  • 12U II  Dominic Cangemi Bob Bedford
  • 14U III Bryan Giancarlo, Dave Giancarlo,  Dan Kim
  • 14U II Robert Weston, Sean Maloney, Jon Rowe
  • 16U III Ed Healey Sean Reilly
  • 16U II Mike Kavanaugh, Scott Ashkenazy
  • 18U II ED Shinnick Sr, Ed Shinnick JR  Rich Peck

ANNEX off-ice training for the 2024-25 Season

Most developing players have two noticeable flaws…They don’t shoot well, and have not developed their body strength.  We attack these issues  at our hockey-centric training facility -THE ANNEX – for off ice training.  Each team from Squirt Major through 18U Midget will participate in scheduled training sessions during the season, coordinated with practice dates.  Additional access to RapidShot with  measured and recorded results  will enable players to track progress as the season progresses.  We also will continue with certified trainers guiding players through weekly workouts, with added specialized off-ice training for goalies.

Game Locations

 Home games for 12u,14u,16u, and 18u are played at Iceworks, Ice Hutch, and Aviator. Our 8U Mites and 10U Squirt teams play at Port Washington. We typically provide 20 game slots for each team to book their schedules. This results in approximately 40 games being played. Additional games are usually scheduled at tournaments or secondary leagues, raising the total to 50 or more. Each team can find its “comfort zone” concerning how many games they will play and how far they want to travel. Some teams may elect to play a more or less aggressive schedule, depending on team composition. Teams may also deicde to participate in a second league such as the EJEPL, for more diverse competition and more interesting scheduling.

Team Fees

Years ago, it was easy to establish one fee for all teams. Things have become more complicated with different leagues, tournaments, arrangements, ice fees and coaching costs affecting the budgets at different levels.  Fees therefore are likely to vary somewhat  from team to team.  Fees will include Spring practices for all teams and Annex training for teams 10U II through 18U II.   Normal season fees include practice ice (40 slots), game ice (20 home slots) , referee fees, fees for league membership, Annex training sessions and RapidShot access,  coaching, scheduling, and team management expenses, reimbursement for out of town hotels at Showcases or Tournaments,  Nates training, and practice jerseys if needed.  10U II and III teams will be allowed to book 2 tournaments at EDGE expense. Mites may book one Jamboree and one Tournament at Edge expense.  Any tournaments booked by 12u, 14u, 16u. or 18u teams will be at their own discretion and must be paid by the team. Admission to EJEPL Showcases is paid for those teams that will be members of that league.  Jerseys and EDGE branded items are not included in any team tuition.

Estimated costs for : 10U III – $4400.  10U II – $4600. 12U III $5400 . 12U II – $5400.  14U III – 5500.  14U II $5500.  16U III 5800.  16U II 5800.  18U II  5800. The cost for 8U teams will be $2950. There may be slight changes to these numbers based on any changes in  ice costs when contracts are signed 
We have no other “Fundraising” or “Journal” requirements, although most teams often collect a small party fund to be used for special team events43

The Annex - Even More Good Stuff


To give our players an even better opportunity to improve performance – especially shooting – we established the Family Skating Annex training facility directly across the street from the rink.

Outfitted with specialized hockey training systems and the highest quality equipment for strength development , the Annex offers a unique combination of assets to help the hockey player become faster, stronger, and a better shooter.  All Edge teams 10U II and older will have off ice training at the Annex as part of their regular season activity and will be given access to RapidShot included in fees.  Discounts for Annex memberships are available for EDGE players and family members


Family Skating Annex Training Center

A Quick Note from the EDGE President

WE all love hockey at the EDGE !

We focus on  – 

Growing and maintaining  friendships among players and families –  typically stretching from grade school to college and beyond.

Helping players grow from children to responsible men (and women).

Striving to develop character and discipline that will empower players to become successful and healthy adults.

Teaching players to compete and finding what it takes to excel at sports and more.

I hope you have a chance to skate with us and experience what EDGE Hockey has meant to the hundreds of families that have played with the EDGE over the years.

Fred Nielsen

President, LI EDGE


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