mite white team

EDGE Mite White

2021/22 Season

Birth Year: 2013-14

Team Info

Coaches: Kris Nielsen, Jesse Wadler

Managers: TBA

We have taken into consideration ability, experience and player requests in forming our teams. We have talented, enthusiastic players, along with dedicated coaches, and experienced leadership that I’m sure will result in a successful and enjoyable  season.  The EDGE white team consists of 2014 Birth Year players, all first year travel players


Name Position Jersey #
Cade Austin 88
Leo Bertorelli 18
Jack Dalessio F 13
James Harrison 11
John Ponioris 41
Raphael Megarian 2
Matthew Nystrom 17
Andrew Remsha 99
Andison Wang 28
Antony Wang G 33



Have a great photo of the players that you’d like to see posted here? Email them to Fred…

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