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Teams generally have 2 practices each week. 8U, 10U and 12U teams practice only at Port Washington. 14U, 16U, 18U teams practice at Port Washington and/or Iceworks.  We DO NOT practice outside of Nassau County.  We NEVER practice in Brooklyn.

The base cost for each team is anticipated to be $3950. This includes LIAHL League membership, practices, power skating for younger teams, goalie sessions, and 20 game slots. Jerseys cost approx. $250 per set including socks. Fees will be added for participation in second leagues, Tournaments, and ANNEX off ice activity., In 2021-22 Added fees were zero for mites and ranged from $300-00 for 10U,  to $950. for 18U teams with an “aggressive” schedule.

8U and 10U games are played at Port Washington. Older teams split play between Iceworks, Aviator, and Ice Hutch. Having a varied geography often encourages teams outside Long Island to travel to us to play. This is especially true of teams from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Correct.  we are in the process of setting up a hockey specific training center directly across from the rink at the Family Skating Annex, which has special equipment to allow players to improve shooting, stick handling, and cognitive skills as well as overall conditioning. Teams (12U and above) will be scheduled for team sessions with certified trainers co=ordinated with their practice schedules.  Fees for training are added to the base cost of each team. 

EDGE teams play at the Tier II level, and we generally will have ”second” teams at each age group that play at the Tier III level.  Second teams that may be composed of more experienced players may elect to play in the LIAHL “Milner” Division when possible.  Level of play in The EJEPL will be determined by the caliber of each team enrolled.

The Edge has been playing since 1987. We started with two independent teams and have grown to a full fledged, well respected organization. Our focus is on preparing players for high level competition at the 14U,16U,18U levels and typically will be in the running for a top spot in the LIAHL.  EDGE teams have consistently represented the League at State Championships and have had two trips to the USA Hockey National Tournament.

Our league of choice is the Long Island Hockey League. Teams also have the option of joining second leagues…usually the EJEPL where we play at the level most suitable for the talents and strengths of each team, whether Diamond, or Gold.

We usually provide for a weekly skating session for teams to allow the players to do a bit of skating and bond with new teammates. As the start of the season approaches, some teams hold pre-season camps to prte[pare for early EJEPL Showcases and the start of the season. These generally take place the last week of August or first week in September, depending on school schedules. While there are no \”mandatory\” summer activities, we strongly recommend that players do some skating and participate in activities that keep them in shape. Payment for summer events is in addition to the season fees. Training will also be offered at The ANNEX.

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